If you are in the process of purchasing or selling a home, it is essential that a WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) inspection is completed as part of the application. At PROVISION, we offer WDO inspections through MI, a Florida Licensed Pest Control Operator, and recommend that they be completed as an addition to the Standard Visual Limited Home Inspection.

During this inspection, our inspectors utilize moisture meters, infrared imaging, and probing inspecting for visible and accessible evidence of infestation or damage from any of the following wood destroying organisms:







What is a WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) report?

A WDO report is a written report based on the inspection of a home for visible and accessible evidence or an infestation or damage caused by wood destroying organisms. The report is commonly referred to as a termite inspection, clearance letter, or termite letter.

What types of organisms are included in the report?

WDO inspections check for subterranean and drywood termites, powderpost beetles, old house borers, and wood decaying fungi. They do not report on evidence of carpenter ants or carpenter bees.

Does the WDO report include decks and fences?

Decks are included on the WDO report if they are attached or contiguous with the home. Only the portion of any fence touching or adjoining to the home is included on the WDO report.

Who can perform a WDO inspection?

Inspectors are required to have a pest control ID card issued by the state of Florida, indicating they have completed specialized training to perform WDO inspections. At Provision, we can schedule and perform the WDO inspection through MI, a Florida Licensed Pest Control Operator.

What does a "clear" WDO report mean?

A “clear” report indicates that there is no existing evidence of WDO infestations or damage to visible and accessible areas of the property.
It does not mean that the buyer can be absolutely certain that there are no wood destroying organisms infesting the structure or that there is no existing damage. Infestations can be hidden behind walls or other inaccessible locations and not detected during an inspection, or the seller may have recently repaired damage from previous WDO infestations.

What if I discover WDO damage or an infestation after receiving a "clear" report?

This can happen even with a proper inspection. In addition to the WDO Report, we recommend that the buyer obtains and reviews documentation related to previous termite treatment and protection contracts as part of the due diligence process.

What if "visible damage" is reported and damage is repaired so a "clear" report can be provided?

Any report of “visible damage” or infestation is an indication that termites or other wood destroying organisms have been or are currently present in the structure. Repairs may or may not have resolved the issue. Home buyers should investigate further to determine the current status of WDO protection on the structure and if the repaired damage was a symptom of a more extensive infestation.